Evaporative Air Cooler Sr250-ws

Evaporative Air Cooler Sr250-ws

  • Evaporative Air Cooler Sr250-ws

Product Description

Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative coolers offer a completely natural way of producing refreshing cool air. Our Evaporative cooling units have been specifically designed for the cooling of industrial and commercial buildings and can give an amazing 35KW of air cooling for every 1.5KW of electricity consumed.

This could be your cost effective solution.

Evaporative cooling allows cool fresh air to circulate throughout a building forcing the stale hot air to be displaced out. Unlike air- conditioning which operates with re-circulated air, evaporative coolers operate on the principle of air change and work as part of balanced ventilation system. Most of the time outside air can be used to cool buildings; only on the hottest days does the cooling system kick in to cool the air before it is brought into the building.

Our range is the only evaporative cooler designed specifically to take into account European health and safety regulations.

These systems can be used to cool:

  • Data centres
  • Retail units
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • IT rooms
  • Offices
 Evaporative cooler Advantages:
1.low running and operating costs
2.fresh, healthy and cool air
3.energy saving
4.no CFCs

#Evaporative cooler Working principle :
     Evaporative cooler cool the outside air temperature withthe directly evaporative cooling, supply the cool and fresh air intothe workshop, and then exhaust the hot air outside. The temperature ofthe workshop will be cooled down by exchanging the air inside.
     Suite for the industrial workshop such as :
     Plastic injection, die-casting, spray coating, rubber processing, silkscreen, toys assembly electronics, household appliances, shoes, printing, cladding, hardware, food processing, textiles, garments and dyeing, laundries, greenhouse 
SR250:Axial-Flow Series Evaporative Air Cooler
 # Evaporative ventilator  Perfomance:
    * Airflow  : 25000 m3/h
    * Max. Air pressure:  235 pa
    * Designed  Air Speed: 10 m/s
    * Evap. Efficiency:  ~ 92%
    * Water Capacity :  65 Liters
    * Power Supply:380, 50Hz
    * Power Consumption : 3 kW      Noise(dB):≤85

# Operation: 
     * Airflow Adjust: Single-phase         * Programmed on /Off  : Single-phase
     * Filter Washing :  Auto/Manual
     * Auto Drain: Auto

# Dimension:
     * Size of Dropper Duct : 750x750 mm
     * Drain water Oulet : 40 mm
     * Installed Dimension : 1120x1120x1300 mm
     * Shipping Dimension : 1120x1120x1300 mm

 # Weight:
      * Shipping Weight : 95 kg
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